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Happy 2018! WOW! I remember 2014 like it was just yesterday. I am so excited to see what new adventures we endure in the new year. Before I share my goals for 2018, I wanted to extend my most profound gratitude to those who have been with me on this journey of my photography career. Thank you.


In 2017, I doubted myself when it came to business, more than once... okay maybe a couple times a month. Thoughts like, "why are you even doing this?" "There are far better photographers than you, quit while you're ahead"; "You should spend more time studying instead." Those words engraved on me as I spoke them out loud. I felt lost. I was unsure of my style, my skill, and ultimately my direction. I was overwhelmed by comments like "Oh nowadays everyone is a photographer." I spent several days and even longer nights debating If I should continue this business. I then stopped myself. I had to come to my own and tell myself I can't give up, not now, not this far.

So, I bid 2017 adieu and those thoughts as well.

Below I have written out my 2018 goals for my business by also my personal life.

•Hire an intern.
•Hire a second photographer.
•Invest more in advertising.
•Begin making informative youtube videos.
•Journal on the site more often.
•Attend a photography workshop.
•Read one new book each month.

•Go to the gym four times a week.
•Set up all my preventative doctors appointments.
•Eat out no more than once a week.
•Revamp my space: add more pictures,
•Identify my fashion style and build a professional wardrobe.
•Travel to a new place once a month.
•Invest in stock.
•Become comfortable with my finances.

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe” – Oprah Winfrey


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